Program - Keynote Speakers

We are excited to announce
Dr. Celia Jaes Falicov
as a 2018 Keynote Speaker!

Celia Jaes Falicov, Ph.D. is a renowned family therapy author, teacher, and psychologist. She is widely respected for her expertise on immigrant families and particularly Latino families. She is Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, San Diego where she also directs the mental health services for the Student Run Free Health Clinics. The work at these clinics focuses on addressing the mental health care needs of underserved families, particularly Latinos, and teaching health and mental health practitioners to consider the impact of migration and culture on health risks and strengths. 

Dr. Falicov, who grew up in Argentina, received a Ph.D. in Human Development from the University of Chicago. She has received many professional awards for her distinguished contributions and served as Past President of the American Family Therapy Academy.

Dr. Falicov has pioneered writings on family transitions, migration, culture and context in clinical practice. Her books include Cultural Perspectives in Family Therapy; Family Transitions: Continuity and Change over the Life Cycle, and the widely praised Latino Families in Therapy (2nd Edition, 2014). She also co-authored the 2014 APA book Multiculturalism and Diversity in Clinical Supervision.

We are so excited to have Dr. Falicov join us in La Jolla, San Diego in October 2018!