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The constant worry in life often makes us anxious and stressed about what will happen next. Globally, 1 in 13 people suffers from anxiety, according to a University of Queensland study. Anxiety asks for a soothing escape and what treatment can be better than calming crystals?

Worry stones, also known as palm stones or thumb stones, have been used to calm and relieve anxiety since the beginning of civilization in places like Tibet, Greece, and Mesopotamia. These little, smooth, polished anxiety stones were believed to provide stress alleviation to the wearer by carrying these stones in their hands or wearing them as jewelry.

An older study presented at conferences in 1999 and 2001 suggested that any healing benefits associated with crystals were most likely a result of the power of suggestion. It is vital to understand the use of healing crystals so that they can help you to overcome or handle anxious thoughts, and panic attacks and achieve emotional balance.

Many crystals can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. This article explores and discusses some of the most widely known crystals for anxiety.

Best Crystals for Anxiety

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1.   Amethyst ‘The Anxiety Alleviator’

Amethyst is highly nourishing, therapeutic, and cleansing with its serene purple tones. This stunning gemstone is the one you want around when you’re feeling nervous. It not only removes negativity from our being, but it also draws in uplifting, relaxing energy. Amethyst, commonly referred to as “the all-purpose stone,” is ideal for people who have insomnia or nightmares since it has the power to calm the mind chatter that keeps us awake.

It makes things clearer and calms the mind, which aids in our understanding of what causes stress. This stunning crystal attracts tranquil energy while assisting us in reducing anxiety.

How to use Amethyst to reduce anxiety and stress:

  • Use Amethyst palm stones for meditation
  • Wear Amethyst jewelry and feel its calming energy all day.
  • You can use it in your bedroom to create a peaceful aura.
  • Practice breathing techniques while holding Amethyst.
  • When you’re relaxing, place amethyst hearts near your heart chakra.

2.   Rose Quartz ‘The Relisher’ 

This crystal is known as the crystal of love manifested by its enchanting, relaxing pink colors. The stone rejuvenates feelings of love, creativity, and inspiration in all of its forms.

Often, we don’t feel the best and forget to love ourselves when we’re upset, anxious, or under pressure. This can also include simply living in the moment with your heart. In this case, rose quartz is the ideal stone for you as it helps you in honoring respect, trust, and worth within yourself. You may notice that it will let your heart, mind, and soul soar free from the difficulties of life.

Rose Quartz serves as a tool for emotional balancing and keeps oneself calm under pressure. It helps as a constant reminder that self-care and compassion are extremely vital for everyone during difficult times.

How to use the Rose Quartz:

  • It can be used as jewelry to benefit from its beautifully calm aura.
  • Rose Quartz palm stones in your palm can help channel positive energy
  • You can also display Rose Quartz hearts and spheres in your bedroom

3.   Rhodonite ‘The Releaser’

Rhodonite, widely recognized as ‘the stone of compassion, serves as a powerful stone that helps reduce and suppress anxiety. Apart from the properties that make it unique with its releasing nature, it also brings order to feelings of panic and helps one feel calm and more secure.

Rhodonite has the potential to wipe away possible emotional wounds and energize you by nurturing love. If you want to get past overburdening emotional melancholy, you will be in good hands with a Rhodonite.

How to use it:

  • Holding Rhodonite palm stones generate calmness and help to relax.
  • Use it in jewelry to constantly feel positivity.

4.   Blue Lace Agate ‘The Resolver’

If you have trouble communicating with others or have anxiety in relationships or even social anxiety. There’s nothing this gentle, light blue stone can’t do for you. Blue lace agate is extremely helpful in complicated situations especially when the tension is rising and the situation it’s very stressful. Blue Lace Agate plays a vital role in overcoming misunderstandings and is incredibly efficient in overcoming communication difficulties.

How to use the Blue Lace Agate:

  • Can be used in office spaces to prevent frustration and promote a healthy communicative environment.
  • Beautiful jewelry can be made out of this stone.
  • Blue Lace Agate can be placed in your bedroom to radiate gentle energy while relaxing

5.   Clear Quartz ‘The Master Healer’

Clear Quartz, is known as the master healer. This quality is attributed to its nature of helping you find inner peace in times of stress and anxiety. Often, we make ourselves miserable while being anxious and it ruins our peace. Clear Quartz can be effectively used in such situations and keeps us centered in difficult situations.

How to use the Clear Quartz:

  • Quartz crystals can be effectively used for Reiki sessions.
  • Clear Quartz jewelry can help you remain centered all day long.
  • Arranged in crystal grids can amplify the energies of the other stones.

6.   Citrine ‘The Composer’

Citrine is the type of stone that you need to enhance joy and enthusiasm in life. It is the golden optimizer of life. If you ever feel anxious and have certain fears crippling on your shoulders let them go with Citrine as it might take you on a journey of warmth, motivation, and clarity and helps to escape any kind of doubt.  

Just like meditating citrine has the ability to cleanse your mind and soul. If you want to unwind tension and anxiety from your body, mind, and emotions, this stone is ideal for you. Trust the power of a Citrine in hand, it can definitely do wonders.

How to use citrine:

  • · Wear Citrine earrings to attract wealth and abundance. It helps with financial matters.
  • Citrine bracelets can be also used for anxiety to prevent fear of the circumstances and helps to view the positive side of every situation.

7.   Moonstone ‘The Mellow’

Moonstone is an ideal stone for new beginnings and growth. It removes negative emotions like feelings of fear or anxiety that may hold you back and helps to stabilize emotions so you’re able to progress better.

For all the soon-to-be mothers, this stone is a perfect choice! It serves as a lucky stone for pregnancy, fertility, and childbirth as it helps women from all walks of life to connect with their feminine side and is believed to balance female hormones. What can be a better stone than a moonstone to start fresh and energize, and dispel feelings of anxiety and fear? It helps with stabilizing emotions so you’re able to move forward positively.   

8.   Celestite ‘The Celestial’

Celestite with its ethereal powers can be said to have been directly delivered from the heavens. This crystal will give you a direct line to the angelic worlds and enable the free flow of these Divine energies. It comes as no surprise that it can reduce tension, anxiety, and compulsive behaviors.

It is a lovely object to have for those who are performers, actresses, presenters, or anyone who is concerned about trying anything new because the energy will lessen any stage fright, anxiety, fear of crowds, and shyness. This divine crystal promotes balance and harmony, and it will help you achieve and sustain the inner tranquility you so richly deserve.

FAQs for Best Crystals for Anxiety

What are the most common symptoms of anxiety that crystals can help with?

The following symptoms could manifest in such situations: breathing difficulties, blurred vision or painful eyes, exhaustion, muscle aches, headaches, elevated blood pressure, heartburn, dizziness, fainting, and sweating.

How can crystals help relieve symptoms of anxiety?

Anxiety is a state of endless worry or fear that can take many forms. Your energy field can be infused with peaceful, soothing energies from crystals, creating a sense of safety, tranquility, and grounding.

Where in my surroundings should I place my crystals?

Wearing your worry stones as jewelry is the quickest way to channel their energy. Use crystals for meditation, relaxation, or breathing exercises, set them near your bed or under your pillow for a restful night’s sleep, or keep them near your desk to promote a serene, stress-free workspace.

What are the best gemstones for anxiety relief?

Crystals with a soothing, calming vibe are excellent natural tools for stress relief. Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, moonstone, clear quartz, Black Tourmaline, Howlite, and Celestite are the best stones for reducing stress.

What are the best ways to use crystals for anxiety?

Small and medium-sized crystals are convenient to carry around with you in your wallet or pocketbook. To create a soothing atmosphere, you can even place them in your car or office space. When you meditate, and when you’re relaxing, hold a palm stone in your hand. To promote a relaxing work environment. To add calming and grounding energy to your aura, you can also wear your stones as jewelry.

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