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Marriage and family relationships can go through challenges in any society. However, the approach to these challenges will determine if the relationship will survive. Marriage as an institution has been declining over the past few decades globally, especially in the United States.

Various factors have contributed to this trend. Some reasons for declining marriage rates include changing social attitudes towards marriage, increased acceptance of cohabitation, delayed marriage, and a rise in alternative relationship arrangements.

In 1970, about 79% of adults ages 18 and older were married, while by 2023, that figure dropped to around 40%. The decline in marriage rates is a catastrophic factor to the relevance of family in society. More so, there has been an increase in the rate at which families separate and couples divorce.

As a result, the products of this unit, which are children, become stranded and go astray. In addition, this gruesome situation has reshaped our society into a toxic environment that can endanger innocent lives.

However, it is essential to note that not all marriages and family relationships are deteriorating. Some marriages and families are blossoming because they engage the services of marriage and family counselors to stabilize their unity. Indeed, the importance of marriage and family counseling should be considered. 

Marriage and family counseling can be crucial in addressing some challenges encountered in marriages or relationships. This platform also guides each family member to understand his or her importance and role in building the family. 

Marriage counseling, or couples therapy, focuses on helping couples improve communication, resolve conflicts, enhance intimacy, and strengthen their bond.

On the other hand, family counseling involves working with families as a whole or specific family members to improve their relationships and resolve issues.

Family counseling aims to facilitate healthier interaction patterns, enhance emotional well-being, and help clients develop the skills to maintain satisfying and fulfilling relationships.

If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties in a marriage or family relationship, seeking the assistance of a qualified marriage and family counselor can be beneficial.

They can provide guidance, support, and strategies to address your challenges and help you work towards a healthier and more fulfilling relationship. Are you ready to contact one now? Register with BetterHelp.com to connect you with your area’s best marriage and family counselors.

Who are Marriage and family counselors?

Marriage and family counselors are trained professionals who typically hold advanced degrees in psychology, counseling, or a related field. They employ various therapeutic approaches and techniques to assist clients in understanding and resolving their concerns.

These professionals provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals and families can explore their feelings, develop effective coping strategies, and learn healthier ways of relating to one another.

Does couples counseling work?

Couples counseling is effective in helping teams improve their relationship and resolve conflicts. The success of couples counseling, however, depends on various factors, such as the willingness of both partners to participate in the process actively, the skills and expertise of the counselor, and the specific issues and dynamics within the relationship.

Couples counseling provides a safe and neutral space for partners to express their thoughts, emotions, and concerns. A skilled therapist can help couples enhance their communication skills, better understand each other’s perspectives, and learn constructive ways to address conflicts.

The therapist may also assist in identifying unhealthy patterns or behaviors that contribute to relationship difficulties and guide the couple in developing healthier alternatives.

The effectiveness of couples counseling also depends on the timing of seeking help. Couples who engage in counseling earlier when problems arise may be more likely to succeed than those who wait until the issues have become deeply entrenched.

It’s important to note that not all relationships can be salvaged through counseling, as underlying issues or individual factors cannot be resolved. 

However, in some cases, couples may end the relationship, and counseling can still facilitate a healthier separation or co-parenting.

Ultimately, the success of couples counseling relies on the active engagement, commitment, and open-mindedness of both partners, as well as the expertise and guidance of a qualified therapist.

When should a couple seek counseling?

Couples may seek counseling for various reasons, and no fixed threshold or specific timeline applies to everyone. Here are some familiar situations in which it can be beneficial for a couple to seek counseling:

1. Communication problems

Couples need counseling when they struggle to express their thoughts and feelings effectively. In addition, counseling is inevitable when communication patterns lead to frequent misunderstandings or conflicts. This will help their relationship still and promote healthier interaction.

2. Frequent conflicts and unresolved issues 

Frequent conflicts often lead to separation and divorce. If a couple experiences such situations, including disagreements, it is expedient that they contact a counselor. Counseling can provide a safe space for addressing underlying issues and finding constructive solutions to their misunderstanding.

3. Trust issues or infidelity

Infidelity or breaches of trust can severely strain a relationship. Couples counseling can assist in rebuilding trust, fostering open and honest communication. It will also address the emotional wounds caused by the betrayal.

4. Life transitions

Significant life transitions or major changes such as getting married, having a baby, moving, or changing careers can strain a relationship. Seeking counseling during these times can help couples navigate the adjustments, manage stress, and maintain a strong bond.

5. Intimacy and sexual difficulties

If a couple experiences challenges in their sexual relationship or a lack of emotional intimacy, seeking counseling can offer a safe and supportive environment.

The counseling sessions will help solve these issues, improve communication around them, and work towards building a more fulfilling connection.

6. Premarital counseling

Engaging in premarital counseling can be beneficial for couples who are considering marriage. It allows them to discuss important topics such as expectations, values, communication styles, and potential challenges. This session will help them build a solid foundation for their future together.

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How can I get my partner to go to couples therapy?

Introducing couples therapy to your partner can be delicate, as it involves open communication and understanding. Here are some steps you can take to encourage your partner to consider couples therapy:

1. Choose the right time and place: Find a comfortable and calm setting for an uninterrupted conversation. Avoid bringing up the topic during an argument or when tensions are high.

2. Express your feelings and concerns: Share your feelings and concerns about the relationship without blaming or accusing your partner. Use “I” statements to convey your feelings and emphasize that you want to work together to improve the relationship.

3. Highlight the benefits: Emphasize the positive aspects of couples therapy, such as improving communication, strengthening the relationship, and gaining insights into each other’s perspectives. Discuss how therapy can help you both grow individually and as a couple.

4. Be empathetic and understanding: Acknowledge your partner’s concerns or reservations about therapy. Show that you understand their point of view and reassure them that attending therapy does not mean they are solely responsible for the issues in the relationship.

5. Share success stories: If you know someone who has benefited from couples therapy, share their story to demonstrate how it can be helpful. This can alleviate some of your partner’s apprehensions and provide them with real-life examples of positive outcomes.

6. Suggest a trial period: Instead of committing to long-term therapy immediately, suggest trying a few sessions to see if it helps. Assure your partner that they can stop if they are uncomfortable, but highlight the potential for growth and positive change.

7. Offer to research together: If your partner is hesitant, offer to explore different therapists or counseling approaches together. This can help them feel more involved in the process and give them a sense of control over the decision-making.

8. Seek professional guidance: If your partner is resistant to the idea, consider seeking guidance from a therapist or counselor. They can provide advice and strategies for navigating this situation and help you find ways to improve your relationship even without their direct involvement.

Best Catholic Marriage Counseling in Dayton, OH, with Reviews

Catholic marriage counseling typically incorporates the principles and teachings of the Catholic Church into the counseling process.

It focuses on strengthening marriages based on Catholic values, such as faith, commitment, and the sacramental nature of marriage. Here are the best Catholic Marriage Counseling in Dayton, Ohio:

1. Flexman Clinic

Flexman Clinic is a medical group owned by Dr. Flexman Myers, a clinical psychologist with twelve years of experience in providing psychological services, both treatment and evaluation. His clinic specializes in counseling, psychological assessments, neuropsychology, and other therapy sessions.

Flexman has significant experience in inpatient psychiatric settings and working with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. Also, his expertise includes management and oversight of clinicians and office staff and a decade of experience in supervising doctoral students.

Some patients rated Flexman Clinic 1.8 stars due to personal reasons and the services rendered by the clinic. However, Flexman’s staff is experienced and adept. They go the extra mile to fulfill patients’ expectations.

2. Gordon Harris, Ph.D. & Assoc Inc.

Gordon A Harris, Ph.D. &Associates is located in Clayton, OH, United States. Harris’s company specializes in mental health, forensic evaluations, and psychological services to individuals, families, and couples in a relationship.  

Dr. Harris may be rated 1.9 stars among others in Dayton, but his excellent staff is more experienced and skillful in the service. Harris, in his 47 years of expertise, has saved many lives and helped a lot of people’s marriages and families.

3. A New Direction for Counseling

A New Direction for Counseling (NDC) provides excellent mental health services to meet clients’ needs. NDC was established in 2005, and the company is located in Ohio. As a customer, you enjoy flexible scheduling, a comfortable atmosphere, and friendly staff members.

In addition, NDC provides one of the best quality therapeutic services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families in Beavercreek, United States.

New Direction for Counseling is rated 2.9 stars by people online due to some individual reasons. Nevertheless, many clients commented on the services of the staff and management of this company for treating them with dignity. 

4. Riverscape Counseling

Riverscape Counseling is owned by Darcie R. Clark, the Founder and CEO of Riverscape Counseling. ​The company offers marriage, family, child, and individual counseling and mental health services.

Riverscape Counseling centers mostly on different working groups of people, which some counseling units overlook. These groups are LGBTQ, transgender, child and adolescent, and other relationships.

Riverscape Counseling has rated 3.6 stars among other counseling organizations. It is also rated “A+” by Better Business Bureau (BBB) for the good 12 years of services clients enjoy.

5. Carlock and Associates

Angel Carlock founded Carlock and Associates at 1105 Watervliet Ave, Dayton, OH, forty-eight years ago. Angel is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology with a Clinical Emphasis.

She has worked with many individuals, groups, and couples counseling for several non-profits. She has also taught emotional healing classes and provided marital counseling through prepare-enrich, individual counseling, and couples counseling.

Additionally, some of Carlock and Associates’ services are abuse, anxiety, bipolar, depression, family issues, and other family and individual-related issues.

Carlock and Associates have been rated “A+” by Better Business Bureau (BBB). Clients have good reviews about their services and promptness. 


How do I find a marriage and family therapist in 45415, Ohio, who offers online sessions?

To find a marriage and family therapist who offers online sessions, you can search online directories of 45415, Ohio, the United States. Check if they have filters that allow you to search specifically for therapists who offer online sessions.

Additionally, you can google marriage and family therapists in 45415, Ohio, for a quick result. Finally, you can explore telehealth platforms that connect patients with licensed therapists online, such as BetterHelp. These platforms typically provide details about the therapists, their areas of expertise, and whether they offer virtual sessions.

Once you get the list of potential therapists, it’s essential to research each one further. Look into their qualifications, experience, and therapy approach. Read their profiles, websites (if available), and any client reviews or testimonials to understand their compatibility with your needs.

After your confirmation, contact them to inquire about their online session availability, fees, and other relevant details before making a final decision.

How can I make an appointment with a marriage and family therapist in 45415, Ohio?

To make an appointment with a marriage and family therapist (MFT) in 45415, Ohio, you can contact the MFTs through a call, an email, or any contact method provided on their website. If they have online scheduling systems, you can book an appointment directly. 

Schedule your appointment once you’ve identified a therapist who is a good fit. Agree on a date, time, and location if it’s an in-person session. Some therapists may offer remote sessions via video or phone calls. These remote sessions make it easier to communicate stress-free with your therapist.

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