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Grief, an innate response to loss, touches the deepest corners of our souls and challenges our ability to navigate life’s most challenging moments. Whether it’s the profound ache of losing a loved one, the shattering of dreams, or the overwhelming sorrow of separation, grief can become an all-encompassing force that leaves us feeling lost, alone, and disconnected from ourselves and the world around us.

During times of grief, seeking support becomes crucial to facilitate the healing process. This is where the compassionate expertise of psychotherapists shines brightly, providing a much-needed sanctuary for individuals to embark on their journey towards acceptance, resilience, and ultimately, finding meaning in the midst of loss.

Therapeutic approaches such as creating a safe environment, utilizing emotionally-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, supportive group therapy, and narrative therapy can offer individuals the tools and support they need to process their grief, find meaning, and rebuild their lives.

How can psychotherapy help?

Psychotherapists create a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to express their grief, validating their emotions and experiences. This validation can provide comfort and a sense of being understood during a time when grief may be misunderstood or overlooked by others. 

Psychotherapists can assist individuals in connecting with support groups or other resources that foster a sense of community and provide additional outlets for expressing grief. This network can offer validation, shared experiences, and a sense of belonging during the grieving process.

Through the personalized guidance and support of a psychotherapist, individuals in grief can find solace, gain resilience, and gradually embark on a journey of healing and meaning-making in the face of loss.

Best psychotherapists for grief:

Below, we explore some of the best psychotherapists for grief, who possess the expertise, compassion, and techniques necessary to support their clients through the unique challenges of grieving.

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1. Daniel Freeland

Daniel Freeland is a highly experienced psychotherapist based in New York, specializing in providing grief therapy to adults of all ages. With a psychodynamic and relational approach, he offers individual, couples, and group therapy sessions.

Through his deep curiosity about the impact of past relationships on clients’ current experiences, Daniel helps individuals explore and address wounds, patterns, and assumptions that may hinder their healing process. 

His sessions provide a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to navigate the complexities of grief and bereavement. With expertise in evidence-based modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based approaches, Daniel supports individuals in finding meaning, resilience, and personal growth amidst their grief.

He also offers online therapy sessions for convenience and charges $250 per session, prioritizing accessibility to his transformative services.

2. Susan Ratner

Susan Ratner, a highly skilled Clinical Social Work/Therapist, offers her expertise in the field of grief therapy to provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment for clients to explore their deepest emotions and experiences.

With a strong belief in collaboration, Susan actively engages her clients in the therapeutic process, working together to uncover underlying dynamics and find a resolution.

Susan’s dedication to her client’s well-being is reflected in her commitment to ongoing professional development and her utilization of evidence-based techniques. With a compassionate and empathetic approach, she guides her clients toward healing, growth, and the rediscovery of meaning in the midst of grief.

To ensure accessibility, Susan offers therapy sessions at a rate of $275 per session, recognizing the importance of quality care in the journey toward emotional well-being.

3. Moore Therapeutic and Consulting Services

Moore Therapeutic and Consulting Services proudly offers compassionate care for individuals experiencing grief and depression, as well as those grappling with trauma and PTSD.

With a deep understanding of the challenges that accompany change and the search for the right therapist, they are committed to ensuring your comfort and sense of value throughout your therapeutic journey.

The team at Moore Therapeutic and Consulting Services recognizes that embarking on a path toward healing can be overwhelming. Their mission is to make this journey as seamless as possible, placing your well-being at the forefront.

They strive to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where you can feel safe and supported in expressing your emotions and exploring your inner landscape. Your unique needs and concerns will be met with empathy, understanding, and the utmost professionalism.

With seven years of experience, the therapist at Moore Therapeutic and Consulting Services brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their practice.

Sessions are offered at a rate of $160, reflecting their dedication to making quality care accessible to those seeking their specialized guidance.

4. Willa Day Morris

Willa Day Morris, a Clinical Social Work/Psychotherapist, specializes in trauma, grief, and loss. With a collaborative approach, she helps you identify areas for change, focusing on the influence of early attachment relationships. Willa believes in your inherent resilience and strength, working to help you access and harness these qualities. 

Establishing a safe environment is her primary objective, creating a compassionate space for transformative therapy. Willa’s expertise lies in working with individuals who have encountered various forms of trauma, grief, and loss.

Through mindfulness integration and understanding of personal patterns, she assists in navigating these experiences. 

For a 15-minute free online consultation, you can email her to set up a mutually agreeable time. Willa charges $170 per session, prioritizing accessible and quality care for her clients.

5. Frances Rekrut

Frances Rekrut is a dedicated and experienced psychotherapist specializing in grief therapy. She takes a personalized approach to therapy, tailoring her techniques to meet the unique needs of each individual or couple.

Frances focuses on various aspects, including relationship dynamics, practical skills for managing difficult emotions, behaviors, and thoughts, and creating a secure and empathetic environment for processing life events and experiences.

Drawing from evidence-based techniques and an integrative approach, Frances utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) to address the specific challenges and goals of each client.

Frances offers flexible options for therapy, including both in-person and online sessions, ensuring accessibility and convenience for her clients. Her sessions are priced at $195 per session, reflecting her dedication to providing high-quality, individualized care.

With Frances Rekrut as your grief therapist, you can expect compassionate support, effective strategies, and a transformative therapeutic experience on your path to greater well-being and fulfillment.

6. Sarah Thompson

Sarah J. Thompson is a highly skilled and compassionate Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in grief therapy. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the human mind and emotions, Sarah is dedicated to providing unwavering support to individuals on their journey toward healing and personal growth.

Whether you are facing depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, or significant life changes, Sarah is here to assure you that you do not have to navigate these obstacles alone.

Drawing on her expertise and knowledge, she is committed to helping you achieve your goals, overcome difficulties, and embrace a more fulfilling and purposeful life. Sarah recognizes that each individual is unique, and she tailors her sessions to specifically address the challenges you are experiencing.

Sarah specializes in grief therapy, as well as Depression, Trauma and PTSD, and Relationship Issues. Her sessions are priced at $140 per session, reflecting her commitment to providing accessible and transformative care.

7. BetterHelp

If you are in need of a grief therapist, an alternative option worth considering is BetterHelp. BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that provides convenient and accessible mental health support to individuals experiencing various challenges, including grief and loss. 

Through BetterHelp, you can connect with licensed and experienced therapists who specialize in grief therapy, allowing you to receive the support you need from the comfort of your own home. The platform offers a range of communication methods, including messaging, live chat, phone calls, and video sessions, ensuring flexibility to suit your preferences. 

With a user-friendly interface and a diverse network of qualified therapists, BetterHelp can be a valuable resource on your journey toward healing and finding solace amidst grief.


How do I know if I need grief counseling?

If you are experiencing intense emotions, struggling to cope with daily activities, or finding it challenging to navigate your grief journey, it may be beneficial to seek grief counseling. 

Common indicators include persistent sadness, feelings of guilt or anger, difficulty concentrating, changes in appetite or sleep patterns, and a sense of isolation. A grief counselor can provide the necessary support and guidance to help you heal and move forward.

What can I expect during a grief counseling session?

During a grief counseling session, you can expect a compassionate and nonjudgmental environment where you can openly express your thoughts and emotions.

The therapist will listen attentively, validate your experiences, and provide guidance tailored to your needs. Together, you will explore the impact of your loss, develop coping mechanisms, and work towards finding meaning and healing in your grief journey.

How long does grief counseling typically last?

The duration of grief counseling can vary depending on individual circumstances and needs. Some individuals may find relief and resolution in a few sessions, while others may benefit from longer-term therapy.

The frequency and length of sessions will be determined collaboratively with your therapist, ensuring that you receive the support you require throughout your grief process.

Will grief counseling make me forget or stop missing my loved one?

Grief counseling is not about forgetting or erasing the memory of your loved one. It is about honoring your feelings, integrating your loss into your life, and finding ways to move forward while still cherishing the memories and love you shared.

Grief counseling provides a space to process your emotions, find healthy ways to cope, and eventually rebuild a fulfilling life while keeping your loved one’s memory alive.

Can grief counseling help with complicated or traumatic grief?

Yes, grief counseling can be highly beneficial for individuals experiencing complicated or traumatic grief. Therapists trained in grief counseling can provide specialized support to help you navigate the unique challenges associated with these forms of grief.

They can assist you in processing complex emotions, resolving unresolved issues, and finding a path toward healing and acceptance.

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