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Arguments are a part of every couple’s life but they can cause serious misunderstandings at a fundamental level that may snowball into bigger problems. However, the right therapist can assist you and your partner in resolving issues with communication, intimacy, arguments around money, or simply making you feel closer to one another. You and your partner can get ready for a happier marriage with better communication with the aid of marriage therapy.

This article explores how to find a Christian marriage therapist using ReGain. Find out what a Christian marriage therapist is and what the benefits of seeing one are.

Christian Marriage Therapists Near Me

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Christian marriage counseling can be a really effective approach to strengthening your marriage. Not only can it help couples learn better communication skills but also effective negotiation techniques can be learned during these sessions, including how to accept disagreement and offer prayers for one another’s well-being.

Licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs) are prepared to assist couples in resolving disputes via prayer and faith. Despite being a neutral third party, the counselor will treat both spouses with respect. As a result, a secure and private atmosphere is created.

The first and most unique aspect of Christian-based marriage counseling is the methodology in practice. Their approach involves strengthening your morals and faith. Their approach is based on Scripture, which they emphasize is central to their identity and faith. The significance of Christ as the Savior and Lord of all creation is also emphasized throughout the Bible. And they’ll admit that God created marriage and designed it.

ReGain allows Christian couples to access therapy online. It has a large network of certified psychologists, clinical social workers, and counselors on staff. You can contact them online, by phone, or by video, and they provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual therapy membership plans.  They do, however, provide private Christian therapy. Additionally, you can ask for a specific counselor if you’d want to get biblical counseling.

List of Christian Marriage Therapists Near Me

1.    Dawn J LaCosta

Dawn J LaCosta is a Pastoral Counselor/Therapist and offers a wide variety of counseling including Christian counseling, counseling for marriage and family, “prepare & enrich ” premarital, marital, blended family & divorce. counseling. He provides traditional sessions as well as facetime & skype sessions.

2. Simon Ekwueme Dike

Simon Ekwueme Dike is also a Christian clinical social worker/therapist who works with couples and helps them deal with issues regarding depression, anxiety, addictions, anger, low self-esteem, marital conflict, careers, stress, and grief.

  3. Victory Christian Counseling

Victory Christian Counseling has been working on a cognitive-based approach for more than fifteen years now. They specialize in areas of depression, abuse, grief recovery, family dysfunction, spiritual formation, and trauma.

  4. Kristin Miller

Kristin Miller is a Christian marriage therapist who uses an integrated approach that draws from different therapeutic models including Psychodynamic, Family Systems, Attachment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Her areas of expertise include depression, trauma, anxiety, attachment and relationship issues, grief and loss, and Christian counseling.

You can book a session with any of the above-mentioned Christian marriage therapists online, and find many more on ReGain.

FAQ for Christian Marriage Counseling

What is a Christian marriage therapist?

Christian marriage counseling is the type of counseling that incorporates psychotherapy with Christian belief practices. This form of counseling is typically facilitated by a Christian therapist or pastoral counselor.

Cost of Therapy?

The cost of Christian therapists differs. It typically ranges from $100 to $200 for a 50-minute session. Yes, it seems costly but thinks of it as an investment in your marital relationship. However, online therapy providers like ReGain provide more affordable options, including therapy subscription packages that start from $70-$80 per week. ReGain also offers a monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plan that you can invest in according to your needs.

Benefits of Christian-based marriage therapy

The main benefit of Christian marriage therapy is its focus on spirituality. It helps you channel your values and strengthen your beliefs. If your partner is not a religious person it might help them to focus better on religion as well. In fact, studies have shown that couples who attend church together are 50 percent less likely to divorce than those who don’t. It also teaches you many skills to improve your relationship with your partner, including but not limited to 

  • Remembering to acknowledge and be grateful for everything your partner does for you
  • How to find a middle ground in case of different opinions
  • Encouraging both partners to be more truthful with each other
  • How to discuss differences calmly and rationally

What to Expect from a Christian marriage therapist

Christian marriage therapists acknowledge that God is the author and architect of marriage. The counselor remains impartial while treating both spouses with respect. As a result, a secure and private atmosphere is created.

Can I Change My Marriage Therapist if Not Satisfied?

It is absolutely possible to change your marriage counselor on ReGain if you feel like there is a communication problem between you and your counselor, the sessions don’t seem to be fruitful or you are simply just uncomfortable.

How long does it take to get better?

Most of the time, family therapy is a short-term mode of treatment. However, the therapist may suggest more sessions depending on the intensity of the problems faced by the family. The therapist-client relationship also influences the duration of therapy. If you are more committed to improving your relationship with your partner, the duration of treatment may reduce.

What Are Some Reasons to get a Christian marriage therapist?

A Christian marriage therapist acknowledges the fundamentals of your argument, they nurture your spirituality and strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

How to Get Started?

Follow the link to ReGain provided at the top of this article. You’ll be asked a series of questions regarding the issues you’re currently facing and your therapist preferences. Based on the information you provide, ReGain will match you with a therapist to meet your and your partner’s specific needs, and you can start planning your first session right away.

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