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Christian therapy is a type of therapy that incorporates an individual’s faith and spiritual beliefs into the treatment process. This may include using biblical principles, prayer, and other spiritual practices to help individuals understand and overcome their mental health issues.

Christian therapy is offered by therapists who are not only trained and experienced in their field but also have a Christian background or perspective.

Christian therapy can benefit people of any faith or belief system. It can be especially helpful for individuals who have a strong faith and would like to incorporate their spiritual beliefs into their treatment. Some people may find that their spiritual beliefs give them a sense of hope and meaning that can be helpful in their recovery.

Additionally, for some people, their faith is an important aspect of their identity and it is vital for them to address it in their therapy.

When choosing a Christian counselor, the most important thing is to find a therapist that you feel comfortable talking to and who understands your specific needs and goals for treatment. 

Philadelphia offers a variety of options for individuals and families seeking Christian-based therapy and counseling services.

Following are some of the best Christian therapy centers and platforms in Philadelphia. 

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John Applegate & Associates

John Applegate & Associates (JA&A) is a team of highly experienced Christian counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists who are dedicated to providing the most current and effective mental health services from a biblical worldview. 

Their team understands that human beings are complex creatures, made up of both body and soul and that struggles and suffering often involve both aspects of our being.

With this in mind, they are uniquely equipped to address the interplay between the physical and spiritual aspects of mental health.

JA&A offers a wide range of services, including counseling and therapy, health counseling, psychiatric services, and advanced treatment options. They are committed to providing care that is both clinically competent and faith-based and are dedicated to helping individuals achieve a sense of well-being and balance in their lives.

With a deep understanding of the complex nature of mental health, JA&A is well-positioned to help individuals navigate their struggles and find healing and hope.

A typical 50-minute therapy session at JA&A costs $185. Their aim is to provide affordable mental health services while maintaining high standards.

They offer sliding fee scales and collaborate with the Philadelphia Renewal Network to offer discounted services through local churches. 

Thriveworks, Philadelphia

Thriveworks Philadelphia is a counseling and therapy center that offers Christian-based guidance to individuals living in the Philadelphia, PA area.

They understand that many Christians may be hesitant to seek help due to fear of judgment for having a weak faith, but they believe that asking for help is a sign of strength.

Their team of Christian counselors can assist with a variety of issues such as life coaching, couples counseling, marriage counseling, career counseling, anxiety counseling, depression counseling, and addiction therapy.

They provide guidance that aligns with their clients’ principles and values.

One of the unique aspects of Thriveworks Philadelphia is that they do not have a waiting list, meaning clients can see a counselor quickly – potentially even the same day they reach out.

If you’re looking for counseling that incorporates your Christian beliefs, Thriveworks Philadelphia may be a great option for you.

Philly Family Life

Philly Family Life Counseling, Dr. Eugene G. Devers & Associates is a professional and spiritual Christian therapy center located in Philadelphia, PA. They specialize in helping individuals and families work through the challenges and difficulties that life can bring.

Their team of therapists and counselors understand the importance of faith in their client’s lives and are committed to providing treatment that reflects this.

Their services include a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues such as addiction counseling, animal-assisted therapy, anxiety therapy, depression therapy, family counseling, general counseling, grief counseling, life coaching, marriage counseling, stress therapy, and adult coloring therapy.

In terms of cost, Philly Family Life Counseling offers $140 per 45-minute session and $160 for a 60-minute session. They also accept all major insurance providers, making it easy for clients to access the care they need.

Philly Family Life Counseling is dedicated to providing the right path to healing through Christian therapy. They take the time to listen to their clients’ stories, understand their struggles, and recommend methods for coping and moving forward.

They are committed to helping individuals and families find the support and guidance they need to overcome their challenges.


What is the difference between Christian therapy and traditional therapy?

Christian counseling incorporates an individual’s faith and spiritual beliefs into the treatment process, while traditional counseling does not necessarily have any religious background.

Both types of therapy are effective and the choice of which one to use depends on the person’s preferences, beliefs, and specific issues they are facing.

Who can benefit from Christian counseling?

Christian counseling can benefit people of any faith or belief system. It can be especially helpful for individuals who have a strong faith and would like to incorporate their spiritual beliefs into their treatment.

Do I have to be a Christian to receive Christian counseling?

No, you don’t have to be a Christian to receive Christian counseling. The counselor will work with you, no matter your beliefs, to help you understand and overcome your mental health issues.

Is Christian counseling covered by insurance?

Many insurance companies will cover Christian counseling sessions as long as the counselor is licensed and credentialed in their field. It’s important to check with your insurance company to see if Christian counseling is covered under your plan.

If in-person therapy is inconvenient for you, BetterHelp is an online platform where you can find and choose from hundreds of Christian therapists.

BetterHelp will ask you a few questions, and on the basis of your answers, it will match you with the most suitable therapist for you. Head over to their website and start your journey towards better mental health today.

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