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It’s not easy being a gay Christian. Discrimination, rejection, and judgment can plague your life. They can adversely affect your mental health.

So it’s crucial you find a therapist suitable for you. This article covers everything there is to know about gay Christian counseling, including:

  • Why it’s necessary
  • How much it costs
  • Its benefits to you
  • How to find it with Pride Counselling

Gay Christian Counseling

Homosexuals are more likely to face abuse, bullying, and victimization than heterosexuals. LBGT people are more likely to suffer mental illness, self-harm, and suicidal ideation.

That’s without religion getting involved. Faith shows some protective effects on mental health difficulties. But not for homosexuals.

Christianity typically frowns upon homosexuality. Negative religious beliefs about homosexuality can create situations of prejudice and discrimination.

As a result of these negative beliefs, gay conversion therapy has come on the scene. You may have heard of it as “reparative therapy.”

The aim of conversion therapy is to “cure” homosexuality. It attempts to change or suppress individuals’ gender identity. Conversion therapy is making mental health worse, not better.

Discrimination against gay Christians comes from many different angles. The church can be judgmental.

The LGBTQ+ community may not understand your religious beliefs. Your family may struggle to comprehend your sexuality. You may face an internal conflict.

The conflict between gay and religious identity can severely affect health and wellbeing. Those experiencing a conflict between religion and sexuality are more prone to depression and suicide.

But it is possible to live happily as a gay Christian if you seek the proper mental health support. Pride Counselling provides gay Christian therapists that “get” you.

List of Gay Christian Counselors

Drew Cleary is a counselor in Georgia. He specializes in LGBTQ+ issues and problems with anxiety and depression.

He understands the difficulties of being a gay Christian because he is one himself.

Zoe Johnson is a professional, person-centered counselor. She specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy to combat anxiety, depression, and life transitions.

She also offers Christian counseling for LGBT+ individuals.

Gay Christian Counselors at Pride Counselling

You can find a wealth of gay Christian counselors at Pride Counselling. This organization supports people with any gender identity, sexuality, race, or religion.

All counseling is online, making it more accessible and much, much cheaper.

FAQ for Gay Christian Counselling

What is a Gay Christian Counselor?

For starters, gay Christian counseling is NOT conversion therapy. Gay counselors are mental health professionals with considerable training.

They have extensive knowledge of Christianity and homosexuality. They also have a deep understanding of the conflicts when these two identities meet.

They can help you work through questions about:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Same-sex attraction
  • Sexual identity
  • Religious beliefs
  • Internal conflicts

Cost of Therapy

Gay Christian counseling can cost anywhere in the region of $100 to $200. At Pride Counselling, you won’t pay more than $100 a session.

When you’re getting sessions weekly, that saving tots up.

Benefits of Gay Christian Counseling

Religious beliefs are personal. Experiencing conflicting identities can be difficult to reconcile.

Gay counselors may have similar experiences to you. They may have faced the challenges you are currently facing.

A gay counselor will be someone you can relate to. Someone you feel comfortable with.

Seeking gay Christian counseling ensures therapy is culturally competent. It’s also appropriate to your beliefs.

Gay Christian counselors will be sensitive to your sexuality and religion.

What to Expect from a Gay Christian Counselor

You can expect someone who understands your journey. A gay Christian counselor will appreciate the daily difficulties you face.

They will have a deep understanding of Christianity. Gay Christian counselors will understand the prevalence of prejudice and discrimination in your community.

You can expect your gay Christian counselor to provide a safe space. In this space, you will experience no judgment or stigma. They will welcome and appreciate you.

How Long Does it Take to Get Better?

It usually takes around 3 months for improvements to materialize. But treatment length differs from person to person.

There are various factors affecting recovery time. The therapist-client relationship plays a vital role. If you are struggling to trust your therapist, you’re not likely to express your difficulties. This will hinder the therapy process.

The severity of your trauma will also influence treatment length. Severe mental health concerns will take more time to heal. Counseling duration will likely be shorter if you are actively engaging in the process.

Reasons You Should Get a Gay Christian Counselor

Few people understand what it’s like to be a gay Christian. They can’t appreciate that the two identities can live alongside each other. You need a therapist who gets you.

When you feel heard and understood, you’ll be able to express your entire identity. A gay Christian counselor can help you to do this.

How to Get Started

Gay Christian Counseling

Click Here

Find gay Christian therapists by clicking on the Pride Counselling link above. Pride Counselling will find therapists suited to your individual needs.

No more contacting multiple counselors checking their availability. With Pride Counselling, you just wait for them to get in touch with you! You can choose between live chat, messaging, call, or video call counseling sessions.

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