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As a hub for professional and collegiate sports, San Antonio is home to various sports teams, including the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA, the San Antonio FC in the USL Championship, and the San Antonio Missions in minor league baseball, to name a few. Behind the scenes of these athletic competitions, sports therapists play a critical role in keeping athletes in peak condition and enhancing their performance. 

Who are sports therapists?

Sports therapists are healthcare professionals who specialize in the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and conditions related to sports and exercise. They work with athletes of all levels, from recreational to professional, to help them optimize their physical performance, prevent injuries, and recover from sports-related injuries. 

Sports therapists may work independently or as part of a larger healthcare team, collaborating with other healthcare professionals such as athletic trainers, physical therapists, physicians, and coaches to provide comprehensive care to athletes. They may also provide education and guidance on injury prevention, exercise techniques, and performance enhancement strategies. 

Sports therapists typically have a strong understanding of sports biomechanics, physiology, and anatomy, as well as expertise in therapeutic modalities, manual therapy techniques, and exercise prescriptions. They play a crucial role in supporting athletes to achieve their optimal performance and maintain their overall health and well-being.

Where to find sports therapists in San Antonio?

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Following are some places you can find the best sports therapists in San Antonio.

1. Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab

Located in San Antonio, Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab is a leading sports medicine and pain management clinic. They specialize in accelerated injury recovery, pain management, post-surgery rapid rehab, and sports performance and fitness using the FDA-approved ARPwave system. 

Serving patients of all ages and physical abilities, they offer comprehensive solutions for various conditions including back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and more. With a track record of success, they cater to those who have tried other treatments without finding relief. Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab invite prospective patients for a free, no-obligation initial consultation to experience the cutting-edge technology for themselves.

2. Momentum Physical Therapy

Momentum Physical Therapy offers a unique approach to physical therapy, providing individualized care from highly trained and licensed physical therapists. With a wide range of services including sports rehabilitation, advanced manual therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, and more, they cater to diverse needs. 

Specializing in orthopedic manual therapy, athletic training, ACL injury prevention (Sportsmetrics), and certified hand therapy, their experienced physical therapists have worked with professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, and local sports teams such as the San Antonio Spurs, Talons (AFL), and Rampage (AHL). 

They have also served clients such as the U.S. Olympic Team and the San Antonio Ballet. Whether it’s sports-related or other conditions causing pain, Momentum Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping patients improve their health and well-being.

3. Texas Physical Therapy Specialists

Texas Physical Therapy Specialists is a leading provider of sports physical therapy services that focus on preventing, identifying, assessing, minimizing, and correcting pain and disability associated with athletic injuries. Their goal is to help athletes maximize their participation and performance. 

With a wide range of interventions, their skilled physical therapists cater to athletes of all levels, from amateur to professional, in various sports such as football, basketball, golf, performance arts, and bow-hunting. TexPTS takes pride in being the official rehab provider for TeamXpress, South Texas’ Premier National Travel Girls Basketball Program, and is dedicated to providing top-notch care to all athletes, both on and off the court, to prevent and treat injuries.

4. Puckett Physical Therapy

Puckett Physical Therapy in San Antonio, TX specializes in helping athletes and active adults recover from injuries and get back to their sports and workouts without resorting to injections, painkillers, or multiple trips to the physician’s office. 

With a customized 3-step process that focuses on eliminating pain, addressing the root cause of the injury, and enhancing performance, Puckett Physical Therapy has over 11 years of experience working with athletes at all levels. Services offered include ACL rehabilitation, dry needling, blood flow restriction training, soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, sports therapy, injury prevention programs, corrective exercise, strength training, and return to sports rehab, among others.

5. Reaction Rehab & Sports Performance

Reaction Rehab & Sports Performance is a physical therapy and training service for athletes, led by Dr. Danielle C. Aguilar, a residency-trained Sports Physical Therapist. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) in San Antonio, TX, and additional training from the Evidence in Motion Sports Residency Program.

Dr. Aguilar offers a range of services, including sport-specific training, incorporating evidence-based testing to customize her treatment plans that focus on body awareness, strength, power, acceleration, deceleration, and pre-, in-season, and post-season training.


What qualifications do sports therapists have?

Sports therapists typically have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in physical therapy or a related field, along with relevant certifications and licenses. These may include certifications in sports massage, strength and conditioning, or other specialized areas of sports therapy. State licensure requirements may vary, so it’s important to check the specific regulations in your area.

Is sports therapy only for athletes?

While sports therapists primarily focus on the care of athletes, their expertise in injury prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation can also benefit individuals who engage in regular physical activity or exercise. Sports therapy techniques can be applied to anyone who experiences sports-related injuries or wants to optimize their physical performance, including active individuals, weekend warriors, and fitness enthusiasts.

Can sports therapists provide preventive care?

Yes, sports therapists play a key role in injury prevention. They can provide guidance on proper warm-up and cool-down techniques, recommend appropriate exercises and stretches, assess biomechanics and technique, and provide education on sports-specific injury risks and prevention strategies to help athletes minimize the risk of injuries.

How do sports therapists work with other healthcare professionals?

Sports therapists often work as part of a larger healthcare team, collaborating with other healthcare professionals such as athletic trainers, physical therapists, physicians, and coaches. They may work together to develop comprehensive care plans, monitor progress, and ensure that athletes receive the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation for their specific needs.

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