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Life coaching is a process that helps people identify and achieve personal goals. It involves the use of coaching techniques, such as active listening, to help people identify their strengths, weaknesses, goals, and obstacles, and then develop strategies for overcoming those obstacles.

Life coaching for teenagers has become increasingly important in recent years as teens are facing more pressure and challenges than ever before.

The traditional face-to-face coaching sessions can be time-consuming and not always accessible for teens, this is where teen life coaching podcasts come in. 

Podcasts are audio recordings that can be listened to at any time and from anywhere, making them a convenient and accessible option for teens.

They can be easily downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet and listened to while on the go, at home, or even while doing homework.

Podcasts also offer a wide range of topics for teens to choose from. There are podcasts that focus on specific issues such as anxiety, depression, and self-esteem, while others focus on broader topics such as goal setting and time management.

This variety allows teens to find a podcast that aligns with their specific needs and interests.

Furthermore, the episodes are usually short, around 20-30 minutes, which makes it more likely for teens to engage and listen to them.

Benefits of Life Coach Podcasts for Teens

One of the main benefits of teen life coaching podcasts is that they provide a sense of anonymity for teens.

Many teens may feel uncomfortable discussing personal issues with a coach in person, but through a podcast, they can listen and learn without feeling exposed. This allows teens to feel more comfortable and open to the coaching process. 

Additionally, podcasts allow teens to engage with the content at their own pace, they can listen and re-listen to the episodes, allowing them to fully absorb the information and apply it to their own lives.

Another advantage of teen life coaching podcasts is their cost-effectiveness. Traditional face-to-face coaching sessions can be quite expensive, and not all families can afford them.

Podcasts, on the other hand, are usually free, making them a more accessible option for teens and their families. 

Moreover, many podcasts have a community of listeners who can support and encourage each other through the coaching process. This creates a sense of belonging and support for the teens, which is important for their emotional well-being.

Podcasts also offer a unique opportunity for teens to hear from other teens who have gone through similar experiences. Many podcasts feature guest speakers, who are often teens themselves, sharing their own personal stories and experiences.

This can be incredibly powerful for teens, as it allows them to see that they are not alone in their struggles and that there is hope for a better future.

List of Life Coach Podcasts for Teens

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We’ve picked out some of the best life coaches podcasts for teens and tweens. 

1. The Youth Mentor podcast by Amanda Rootsey

The Youth podcast, hosted by Amanda Rootsey, the founder of the teen personal development school ‘Shine From Within,’ delves into the challenges and experiences of today’s youth.

Through interviews with experts in the field such as certified teen coaches, licensed therapists, psychologists, and motivational speakers, the show provides valuable insights and practical advice on how to support and understand the unique needs of teens and tweens. 

The podcast is designed to be a source of inspiration and motivation for parents, families, educators, coaches, and mentors.

With 44 episodes available on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, it offers a wealth of information and guidance on important topics related to youth development.

2. The Teen Life Coach Podcast by Sami Halvorsen

The Teen Life Coach podcast, hosted by Certified Life Coach Sami Halvorsen, is a valuable resource for teenagers as they navigate the challenges of high school and prepare for college.

The show focuses on helping teens, particularly teenage girls, build self-confidence and manage anxiety. 

Each episode covers a wide range of topics, including dealing with family conflict, dating strategies, tools for completing homework, building healthy friendships, understanding depression, and more.

Sami invites guests on the show to share their personal stories and expert insights on important issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. 

The Teen Life Coach is a great resource for parents, families, educators, coaches, and mentors. The show is available on various podcast platforms and has a wide range of topics, some of which may be sensitive for young listeners depending on their circumstances and experiences.

3. Teenager Therapy

Teenager Therapy is a podcast that explores the everyday struggles of being a teenager. Hosted by a group of five high school students, the podcast offers listeners an authentic and relatable perspective on the highs and lows of adolescence.

From the stress of schoolwork to navigating relationships and everything in between, Teenager Therapy is a raw and honest look at the teenage experience. 

Each episode varies in length, with most clocking in around 30 minutes. The hosts candidly share their personal stories and offer advice and support to listeners who may be going through similar struggles.

Whether you’re a teenager yourself or an adult looking to gain insight into the teenage mind, Teenager Therapy is a must-listen. The podcast is available on popular platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Podbean.

4. Mostly Mindful for Teen and Tweens

Mostly Mindful for Teens and Tweens is a podcast hosted by Dominique Sullivan, a teacher-librarian and yoga instructor with extensive experience in teaching mindfulness and meditation in an educational setting.

The podcast focuses on providing age-appropriate strategies and concepts to support teens in building resilience through mindfulness practices. 

Each episode explores a different concept or strategy, with a focus on self-compassion practices to boost joy and satisfaction in life. The podcast is designed to be a fun way for teens to learn and develop stress management skills that will serve them well into adulthood.

It’s important to note that the podcast is not intended to replace therapy, but rather to support teens as they navigate the challenges of adolescence. 

The episodes are around 10 minutes long and available on various podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

All the podcasts mentioned above are great resources for teenagers looking to improve their mental health, well-being, and overall life.

The podcasts also cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to the challenges that teenagers face, and the hosts all have relatable and easy-to-understand approaches which makes them a great resource for teens.

Finding the Best Podcast for Yourself

Finding the best podcast for yourself can be a bit of a challenge, but there are a few key things you can do to make the process easier.

  • Start by identifying what you want to get out of the podcast. Are you looking for inspiration, advice, or entertainment? Are you looking for a specific topic, such as personal development, relationships, or career advice? Knowing what you want will help you narrow down your options.
  • Look for recommendations from friends, family, or online communities. Ask for recommendations from people who have similar interests or goals. Look for podcasts that have a large following or have been mentioned in popular publications.
  • Research the host and guests of the podcast. Look for podcasts hosted by experts or professionals in the field you are interested in. Also, check out the guests of the podcast, and see if they have any expertise in the topic you are interested in.
  • Listen to a few episodes before committing. Before subscribing to a podcast, listen to a few episodes to get a sense of the host’s style and the content of the podcast. This will give you an idea of whether the podcast is a good fit for you.
  • Check out reviews and ratings. Look for podcasts with positive reviews and high ratings. This will give you an idea of whether the podcast is well-received by other listeners.

By following these steps, you can find a podcast that meets your needs and interests.

Remember that it may take some time to find the perfect podcast for you, but don’t give up. Keep searching until you find one that resonates with you.


What is a life coaching podcast?

A life coaching podcast is a podcast that features a life coach or therapist offering guidance, advice, and techniques to listeners on how to improve their lives, relationships, and overall well-being.

Can I receive personal coaching through a podcast?

While some podcasts may offer opportunities for listeners to receive personal coaching, it is not the same as having a one-on-one coaching session with a coach.

Podcasts can provide valuable information and guidance, but they are not a substitute for individualized coaching.

Are life coaching podcasts free?

Some life coaching podcasts are free to listen to, while others may have a subscription fee or charge for certain episodes or series. It’s worth checking the podcast’s website or listening platform to see if there are any costs involved.

Are life coaching podcasts only for teenagers?

No, life coaching podcasts can be helpful for people of all ages. However, some podcasts may focus specifically on issues that are more relevant to teenagers, such as academic and social pressures.

Is it confidential to listen to a life coaching podcast?

Listening to a life coaching podcast is generally considered to be a private and confidential activity. However, it’s important to be aware that if you choose to share your thoughts or experiences with the podcast host or other listeners, your privacy may be compromised.

How often should I listen to a life coaching podcast?

There is no set schedule for listening to a life coaching podcast. It depends on your personal needs and schedule. Some people may choose to listen to a new episode every week, while others may prefer to listen to several episodes at once.

It’s important to find a schedule that works for you and allows you to make the most of the podcast’s content.

How do I decide if I need coaching or therapy?

If you are dealing with mental health issues or have a specific psychological concern that you want to address, therapy may be the better option.

If you are looking for guidance and support in achieving specific goals or making changes in your life, coaching may be a more suitable choice.

BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that offers both therapy and coaching services.

BetterHelp connects people with licensed therapists and psychologists who can provide online counseling, as well as with certified life coaches who can provide guidance and support in achieving specific goals or making positive changes in their lives.

BetterHelp offers a wide range of services, including career coaching, relationship coaching, and life coaching. You can use BetterHelp’s website to browse different therapists and coaches and choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences.

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