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Most men believe it is feminine to see a therapist and most find it difficult to seek therapy when they need it most. Moreso, most blacks believe only blacks understand blacks best. Using BetterHelp, you can find a black male therapist local to you.


The society we found ourselves in is one where men are supposed to be men! A society where men are supposed to smile while a dagger is held deep into their hearts. A time when men are to wave off every worry with the flick of a finger. A generation where it become taboo for men to cry and where a man is designed to be the unyielding container of all darts.

Imagine your typical black neighbor sitting helplessly in front of a psychotherapist, pouring out his mind to the therapist. It just seems impossible, doesn’t it? Society has created a man who is not supposed to talk about his worries and keep all his emotions enclosed within his heart. You will agree with me that some people even strongly believe that a man that smiles a lot is a sissy!

Is this the true nature of man? Definitely no! I have pondered on this several times and I wonder if I am truly the man society created. I have emotions and I know that I do have them. I weep silently in my closet in times of trouble and keep mute when all is going bad for me just so that society will not see me as girlish. I have to shout and quarrel often with my fellow men to prove my masculinity when I know within myself that I am not the type of person suited for all that. All is a mere facade and to flow with the society. We certainly know that deep within ourselves.

Then I realized all I am becoming is nothing but a mess and a hypocrite. I am certain most black men like me feel the same way but they just would not dare go against society. In fact, several studies have shown that men of all ethnicities, ages, and religions are less likely to seek therapy than women despite encountering these problems at a greater rate than women and Black men are not receiving the help they need for these problems. For example, only 26.4% of Black and Hispanic men ages 18 to 44 who experienced daily feelings of anxiety or depression were likely to have used mental health services, compared with 45.4% of non-Hispanic White men with the same feelings (NCHS Data Brief No. 206, 2015).

Little do every man know that men need therapy just as much more as women do, maybe more than women. Seeing a therapist does not make you a woman, it makes you a wise man! Here are some highlights of why you need therapy as a man.

Therapy helps you as a man develop your relationship

Therapy helps you to understand the nature of your partner better than ever before. You know how to make your partner happy without hurting yourself when to open up to your partner, and how to build a happy home for yourself. Therapy also includes several well-researched relationship methods that have been tested over time by well-educated experts. These methods help you a lot in building your relationships.

It makes you a team player

Most men believe they need to do several things all by themselves all the time which is not productive most of the time. Sometimes in this life, only teamwork breaks certain barriers that a man cannot break and this is exactly what therapy makes you, a team player!

It gives you peace of mind

Have you ever poured out your mind to a friend before? Do you remember how light-headed you felt after that? This is what therapy does for you. You speak out your mind to a trusted therapist and you become free of all burdens.

It might really change your life for good

Sometimes all you need is a little guidance and the rest become history. Therapists have learned about, heard, and experienced several life difficulties and have meticulously worked together with others to solve these problems. When you present your worries, they know the right advice to give you based on these past experiences and this might be the spark your life needs

When Black men do seek help and would prefer a same-race provider, it can be difficult finding Black therapists, since they still make up only about 4% of the therapy workforce (though that number is growing, according to 2018 APA Center for Workforce Studies data)(https://www.apa.org/workforce/data-tools/demographics)

Choosing BetterHelp for your therapy makes you avoid the stigma that comes with seeking mental health help in black society. It also affords you the comfortability of having your therapy sessions anywhere and anytime you chose to have it, either resting your back on your pillow at home or sipping coffee in the office. You also get the chance of speaking with a black male like you and all you need is 10 secs to connect to the internet.

Meet our Top-rated black male therapists

1.) Patrick Aaron Brown(LCSW, MSW)

Mr. Patrick Aaron Brown is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 10 years of experience serving the needs of individuals, families, and children. He worked in various human service capabilities such as a Family and Child Services Case Manager, Medical/Hospital Social Worker, Family Consultant Therapist, and Behavioral Health Specialist. His therapeutic approach focuses on encouraging and assisting clients to develop perseverance, become more flexible, and increase their self-worth through evidence-based social work modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Supportive Therapies, and Problem Solving Strategies.


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • LGBT
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-esteem
  • Depression


2.) Dr . Robert Abercrombie (MS, LPC, NCC)

He has been a therapist for 8 years. His purpose is to stand with you as you determine what is holding you in your place and he will motivate you to take the next step.


  • Career difficulties,
  • Relationship issues
  • Grief
  • Intimacy-related issues.


3.) Saju Abraham(LPC)

Saju Abraham is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a unique skill set refined toward counseling and helping others. Saju has over 5 years of experience helping clients with depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, and various other mental health and emotional challenges.


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Depression



Who is a Black male therapist?

Black male therapists are experts trained to understand the personality of the clients and human relationships to diagnose and treat a mental health problem ranging from anxiety to depression using several forms of therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy and many more.

However, a therapist cannot prescribe or recommend medications but they can refer you for evaluation for medication.

What is the cost of getting a Black male therapist?

The average cost of getting a black male therapist per session is between $60 to $90 per week(billed every four weeks). You can cancel your membership anytime for any reason.

What are the benefits of getting a black male therapist?

  • You become clear about who you truly are and what you want in life.
  • A black male therapist help you to plan how to achieve your goals and how to work towards long term goals
  • You become responsible for your success
  • A black male therapist helps you to be aware of your thoughts, assumptions, and beliefs that might be hindering your progress in certain aspects of life.

How long does it take to get better?

This varies depending on the condition and peculiarity of an individual. However, it takes most clients an average of 3 months to fully recuperate. Generally, it takes weeks to months to feel significantly better.

Common reasons why men get black male therapists

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Roleplay in the family

How to get started?

Simply click on the sign-up button to register with BetterHelp and then you can log in to get matched with a therapist. BetterHelp Therapists are well trained and they also have a license. You will be glad you did

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I am a certified Mental health physician and I also have a master's degree in public health. I am an excellent academic writer with many peer-reviewed articles where I have been first author.


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