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Struggling to find direction? Are you plagued with procrastination? A Latina life coach will identify your goals and the obstacles in your way. They’ll motivate you to succeed.

Latina life coaches are easily accessible with BetterHelp. Find out what a life coach does and how life coaching can benefit you.

Best Latina Life Coach

You need a certified life coach if you’re lacking fulfillment or are consistently struggling to meet your goals. Life coaches motivate you. They provide support so you can make the change in your life you so desire.

Life coaches are most valuable when:

  • Experiencing life transition
  • Changing career
  • Attempting to increase your happiness
  • Lacking contentment in your life
  • Looking for personal growth

Life coaches support their clients through various dilemmas. This includes addiction, financial difficulties, and diet and exercise plans. You can also seek general health and wellness guidance from a life coach. Some life coaches specialize in career coaching.

The Latinx community makes up approximately 19% of the US population. That’s the biggest ethnic minority in America. Yet, Latinx are less likely to get the top jobs. Corporate companies are losing Latinx employees thick and fast.

The corporate world requires Latinx to compromise their language and culture to fit in. Latinx individuals must sacrifice their behavior and beliefs to get to the top. Culturally relevant coaching programs can change this.

A Latina life coach can help you develop an awareness of your cultural script. You can identify your company’s expectations together. Then, you decide whether you want to fit them to reach the top.

The Latinx community has to cope with many difficulties. Immigration, acculturation, discrimination. These events can be traumatizing. It’s not a wonder that mental health issues are on the rise for many.

But Latin-specific mental health support is scarce. There are only 5000 Hispanic psychologists in the US. That’s to stretch across the 57 million Latinx US citizens. Latina life coaches make all the difference. They can’t diagnose or prescribe. However, Latina life coaches can assist you in managing life around a mental health condition.

List of Latina Life Coaches

Michelle Gomez is a Latina woman and spiritual life coach. She was a career coach but now focuses on spirituality. Michelle owns a coaching firm in Los Angeles, called Michelle Gomez Coaching LLC. She aims to help her clients (mainly Latina women) harness their inner power and femininity.

Ligia Gutierrez provides career coaching and leadership development. That’s so more Latinx can get into those leadership roles. She works with entrepreneurs, helping them to establish their personal branding. She is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English.

Sandra Guererro is a financial services coach and licensed broker. She can assist in any financial difficulties, giving advice and support wherever necessary. She speaks Spanish only.

Monica Sancio is a vegan nutrition and movement coach. She is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English. She supports Latinx individuals to develop a healthier lifestyle through a vegan diet.

Latina Life Coaches at BetterHelp

You can find Latina life coaches similar to those above at BetterHelp. In fact, there are hundreds of them!

BetterHelp makes support more affordable and available. It connects you with licensed and qualified professional coaches who can support you.

It’s an online platform so you can seek guidance in the comfort of your own home. It primarily assists in coping with mental health difficulties. BetterHelp also has plenty of life coaches of all nationalities. That includes Latina. BetterHelp’s bilingual professionals provide support in your preferred language.

FAQ for Latina Life Coaches

What is a Latina Life Coach?

A Latina life coach is a life coach who supports Latinx individuals specifically. They will be fluent in Spanish. They will have an intricate knowledge of the daily difficulties Latinx people face.

They received training in supporting people within your community to achieve their dreams. Different Latina life coaches will have varied specializations. They could provide spiritual, career, relationship, financial, or another type of coaching.

A Latina life coach will help you get your life on the right track.

Cost of a Latina Life Coach

As life coaches are independent professionals, they choose their fee. The cost depends on location, with some areas seeing much higher prices.

Life coaching ranges in price from $65 to $125. BetterHelp guarantees you pay no more than $100 with any professional on their site. This could be a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or life coach.

Benefits of a Latina Life Coach

Latina life coaches are relatable role models who can help you reach your goals. They provide culturally relevant life coaching.

Get help coping with discrimination and oppression from someone whose been there. If they haven’t experienced it themselves, they’ve helped people who have. Miscommunications won’t be a problem because you’ll be speaking in Spanish.

What to Expect from a Latina Life Coach

You can expect a Latina life coach to speak fluent Spanish. They’ll understand your culture and spirituality. How can you meet your goals if your life coach doesn’t understand you?

There will be no need for you to compromise any part of your identity. You can express yourself in your mother tongue.

How Long Does it Take to Get Better?

The answer to this question depends on many factors:

  • Your goals
  • Life coach-client relationship
  • How motivated you are
  • How well you stick to your life coach’s recommendations
  • Involvement from other people

It is not possible to answer this question with a definitive answer. But work hard and work alongside your life coach. This makes success more likely.

Reasons Latinx Should Get a Latina Life Coach

A Latina life coach has knowledge and understanding of your communities’ difficulties. They will understand your spirituality and culture.

You can feel safe and secure knowing that your life coach belongs to the same community. You can take advice from someone with similarities to you. They will be as invested as you are. They want fellow Latinxs to succeed.

Other Common Questions

Do I Need a Life Coach?

A life coach is beneficial if you feel irritable frequently. They’ll help if you’re experiencing high levels of anxiety or stress. Life coaching is ideal if you’re attempting to break bad habits.

If your life isn’t bringing you fulfillment, or you’re dissatisfied, a life coach can alter that. Life coaching can help you if you’re a creative who has run out of innovative ideas.

General lifestyle guidance is also their forte. Life coaches help with just about anything.

Life Coach or Therapist?

A psychotherapist provides talking therapy that can help you to overcome mental health difficulties. They guide you into finding solutions to your emotional problems. Therapists have at least a master’s degree in counseling/psychology. They have an in-depth knowledge of development, psychological disorders, and mental processes.

Life coaches have not undergone the same training. There is no current universally accepted education standard or training. They can’t help you diagnose or treat a mental health condition. But they can support you to manage your life around one.

Choose a therapist if you’re struggling with mental health difficulties. A life coach is a better option for general life guidance, such as financial or career counseling.

How to Get Started

Looking for guidance from someone licensed and experienced? Take a look at BetterHelp’s Latina life coaches.

Tap “Get Started” then “Individual,” then answer the questions. BetterHelp asks for information about you because they want to find the life coach best suited to you.

Choosing Spanish as your preferred language ensures life coaches are fluent in Spanish. You get to decide how you receive your coaching. This could be a call, video call, or messaging. Your information will remain private and confidential no matter what type you choose.


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