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Sex is important. Yet, around 50% of Americans aren’t sexually satisfied in their relationship. Sex can become difficult. It’s complicated. Discussing sex with your partner isn’t easy.

The information out there is mainly for straight couples. If you’re a lesbian whose struggling with sex, you need a lesbian sex therapist. This article informs you how to find a lesbian sex therapist at Pride Counselling.

Lesbian Sex Therapists

Enjoyable, healthy sex improves self-confidence. It connects your mind and body and enhances the intimacy between you and your partner. It’s also a great form of stress relief.

It has many physical health benefits too. It enhances immune function and heart health. It improves cognitive function, giving you a better memory for years to come. It’s a light form of exercise which is excellent for keeping the body fit and healthy. If that weren’t enough, it also eases headaches.

Not having good enough sex can have adverse effects. Did you know that problems in the bedroom can cause depression? 21-25-year-olds are eight times more likely to commit suicide if feeling sexually marginalized.

It can also cause strong relationships to crumble. That’s why it’s essential to seek help if you’re unhappy with your sex life.

Lesbian relationships supposedly have better sex, but research shows that 47% of lesbians have sex only once a month in a long-term relationship. That’s compared to 15% of people in hetereosexual marriages. They call this phenomenon lesbian bed death.

So what are the main issues? One of the most common dilemmas is a lack of sexual desire. A discrepancy in sexual desire occurs in lesbian relationships often. You may have different sex drives. Maybe you want it all the time, but your partner isn’t feeling it, or vice versa. You could have different sexual interests which don’t align.

Infidelity also wreaks havoc in sexual relationships. Has cheating dried up your sex life? Nowadays, open relationships are more common. But how do you compromise when one wants an open relationship, and the other wants to be monogamous?

Many women struggle with orgasm or have trouble experiencing sexual pleasure. Maybe you’ve had painful past experiences (such as sexual abuse) which have given you a negative view of sex. Some women just want to know more about sexual health.

You can talk through all these issues with a lesbian sex therapist.

List of Lesbian Sex Therapists

The Lesbian Couples Institute is a counseling organization in Denver. It offers both individual and couples therapy. Its counselors help lesbian couples to achieve secure relationships and thriving love. Its therapists have personal experience dealing with difficulties in lesbian relationships.

Annisa Pirasteh is a marriage and family therapist. She offers LGBTQ counseling. She claims to be kink-aware and sex-positive. Annisa also supports a range of mental health difficulties affecting sex life.

Amy Player is a lesbian professional counselor. She supports LGBTQAI+ issues and provides sex therapy for individuals within this community. Amy uses an integrative approach that combines different psychological theories.

Lesbian Sex Therapists at Pride Counselling

Finding a lesbian sex therapist can be a daunting process. Sex is a sensitive topic anyway. Then you have the added vulnerability of therapy on top! Talking about sex as a lesbian can be even more anxiety-provoking.

Pride Counselling eliminates these issues. It provides top-quality online sexual therapy aimed at LGBTQ+ clients. Having sex therapy in your own home can feel more comfortable and less stressful. What’s more, the therapists come to you! All you have to do is enter some information about yourself.

You’ll find lesbian sex therapists like those above. But they’ll all be online!

FAQ for Lesbian Sex Therapists

What is a Lesbian Sex Therapist?

Lesbian sex therapists have a license and certification. They are mental health professionals. They specialize in lesbian relationships, with a heavy focus on sexual relations.

A lesbian sex therapist has experience in providing support for lesbians encountering sexual dysfunction.

Cost of Therapy

The cost of a lesbian sex therapist ranges from $150 – $250 per 50-minute session. Pretty hefty, right?

With Pride Counselling, you’ll pay $100 a session maximum. If you have weekly sessions, that’s a saving of at least $200 a month!

Benefits of Lesbian Sex Therapists

Lesbian sex therapists must follow ethical guidelines tailored to LGBTQ+ individuals. They have a deep understanding of stigma. That includes the impact of prejudice, discrimination, and violence towards the LGBTQ+ community.

They appreciate the normality of same-sex relationships. They won’t attempt to “cure” or “treat” homosexuality. They know the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity.

Lesbian sex therapists acknowledge the importance of sensitivity around same-sex relationships. They understand the common issues faced by lesbian couples. That includes those of a sexual nature.

They have extensive knowledge of the effect of lesbian sexual orientation. This includes the impact on relationships with family and friends.

What to Expect from a Lesbian Sex Therapist

You can expect a lesbian sex therapist to have an intricate knowledge of lesbian relationships. They will know the common sexual issues in lesbian relationships. They will be sensitive to your gender identity and sexual orientation.

A lesbian sex therapist will listen to you. They won’t judge you. They will offer a safe space for you to disclose what you wish about your sexual relationship issues.

How Long Does it Take to Get Better?

This is a challenging question to answer. There’s a wealth of different problems different people take to therapy. You and your therapist will discuss whether therapy will be short-term or long-term.

Short-term therapy will, of course, take less time. But, it may not resolve some issues. Treatment will be longer if sexual difficulties come from childhood trauma. Treating severe mental disorders will also take more time.

Other factors altering treatment length include:

  • Whether unexpected problems crop up during the therapy process
  • Lack of trust towards your therapist – this will hinder the therapeutic process
  • How engaged you are in your therapy

Reasons Lesbians Should Get a Lesbian Sex Therapist

Lesbian sex therapists understand the intimacies of lesbian sexual relationships. They have substantial knowledge of the challenges many lesbians face.

They are respectful and sensitive around gender identity and sexual orientation. Many lesbian sex therapists have hands-on experience of difficulties in lesbian sexual relationships.

You can feel more comfortable talking to someone relatable. A lesbian sex therapist will give you the confidence to talk about your sexual concerns.

Other Common Questions

Are All Lesbian Sex Therapists Lesbians?

No. Not all lesbian sex therapists are lesbians. However, many are. And most are members of the LGBTQ+ community. They’ll understand your situation as a lesbian.

Some lesbian sex therapists may be lesbian-affirmative. They have a deep knowledge of lesbian sexual relationships, but they aren’t lesbians themselves.

It’s up to you to decide whether to go for a lesbian sex therapist who has lesbian personal experiences or not.

Can I Include My Partner?

Yes. Lesbian sex therapists often encourage couples therapy. That’s because sex involves at least two people. Different people have different perspectives on the same situation.

If you want to stick to individual therapy, though, that’s ok too!

How to Get Started

Access Pride Counselling by clicking here. You’ll fill in some questions about yourself. This is where you can state your preference for a lesbian therapist. Pride Counselling asks for your preferred personal pronouns. It also asks for information about your current emotional state.

Pride Counselling will then find lesbian sex therapists well-suited to your needs. The therapists contact you on the website.

Pride Counselling prides itself on its accessibility for all. Choose whether you want therapy via messaging, live chat, phone, or video call.

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