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Having access to therapy is a human right. Yet, minority and multicultural communities are receiving less representation and a lower quality of care in counseling on the whole. Using BetterHelp, you can find a Spanish-speaking therapist local to you.

Below, find out the benefits of counseling and the reasons why you should seek a Spanish-speaking therapist. Uncover how much therapy costs, and how long it takes to get better.

Best Spanish-Speaking Therapists Near Me

18.3% of the US population are Latino or Hispanic. But, only 10% of Latinos seek support from a mental health practitioner.

There may be innumerable barriers stopping you from seeking counseling. It’s costly, requires health insurance, and can lack cultural competency, even today. And these are only the logistical barriers!

It’s common to worry about trusting your therapist to keep your information confidential. You may also have a concern about receiving judgment in your community.

There’s a stigma around seeking support in Latino and Hispanic communities. This can make asking for help seem impossible. Traditionally, men have to be resilient, and women must put their family’s needs first. This inhibits seeking therapy.

Then throw acculturation, immigration, and a language barrier in the mix. It’s no wonder Latino, and Hispanic individuals aren’t seeking counseling.

Mental illness can be debilitating and will influence your life from every angle. Therapy provides a safe space to talk about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You won’t receive judgment or contempt from your therapist. Instead, they’ll listen.

Therapy lessens the effects of depression, anxiety, obsessions, and insecurity. You’ll understand yourself better and have healthier relationships. Counseling also provides the tools to cope with everyday stresses.

You will see significant improvements in your confidence, self-esteem, and communication skills. Your past harmful behaviors will turn into healthier ones.

List of Spanish-Speaking Therapists

Belinda Lopez focuses on providing therapy to the Latino/Hispanic community. She uses many psychological theories which provide client-specific care. Belinda prides herself on her non-judgemental, caring approach.

Josefina Sierra is another Spanish-speaking therapist. She believes that you’re the expert in your life, not her. Her purpose is to help you build confidence and a sense of control. She believes that trust and support are critical in a client-therapist relationship.

Erika F. Sosa is a Latinx counselor who speaks both Spanish and English. Erika focuses on those who have experienced childhood trauma, addiction, and cultural difficulties. She uses many approaches to provide the best support possible.

Rodolfo J. Orna is a Marriage and Family Therapist. He has provided bilingual marriage counseling for 20 years. He believes that suffering from emotional difficulties is much like living life blindfolded. He thinks therapy can lead the way and find the truth. His safe space promises to offer increased insight and self-awareness.

Stephen Lopez is a professional counselor who specializes in child and adolescent support, mood disorders, and behavioral issues. He offers counseling to young people who suffer from loneliness and misunderstanding. His experience is in mental health services in schools and medical settings.

Spanish-Speaking Therapists at BetterHelp

If you’re struggling with your mental health, it can be difficult to reach out to counselors yourself. Online therapy may seem less intimidating than face-to-face.

BetterHelp is the dominant platform for online mental health support. BetterHelp’s goal is to make counseling more accessible to everyone. This includes the Latino/Hispanic community.

There’s a multitude of bilingual counselors similar to those listed above. BetterHelp matches therapists to meet your needs and personality.

All you need to do is answer some questions about yourself! There’s no searching for therapists and contacting them yourself. At BetterHelp, therapists contact you directly.

It takes away the difficult decisions, worries about travel arrangements, and language barrier. All you decide is whether you want counseling by message, call, or video call.

You can focus on your mental health, not worry about all the usual barriers when seeking therapy.

FAQ for Spanish-Speaking Therapists Near Me

What is a Spanish-Speaking Therapist?

A therapist is a trained professional that provides generalized support and rehabilitation. They work primarily with mental health issues. But, their support can impact all aspects of your life.

Spanish-speaking therapists are fluent in Spanish. They are mental health professionals that understand your cultural difficulties.

Cost of Therapy

The cost of therapy typically varies between therapists. Many therapists cater to various financial situations. They provide a sliding scale depending on their clients’ income.

Prices can be up to $180 an hour. BetterHelp offers therapy for no more than $100 a week. This is regardless of the therapist you use.

The price can seem like a lot in the short term. But the long-term mental health benefits of therapy outweigh the initial cost.

Benefits of Spanish-Speaking Therapists

Choosing a Spanish-speaking therapist has many benefits. For one, it’s easier to communicate when speaking your emotions in your native language.

It can be challenging to trust a therapist who belongs to a community that has oppressed you. You may transfer your negative feelings to your therapist without realizing it. Choosing a therapist from within your community eliminates this problem.

A Spanish-speaking therapist will also understand the mental health difficulties your community face. This could include immigration and acculturation.

They will better know your culture, which can impact your sense of familiarity and safety. Understanding your language reduces the likelihood of miscommunication and misinterpretation. This makes way for more growth opportunities.

What to Expect from a Spanish-Speaking Therapist

You can expect someone who understands you on a fundamental level. Spanish-speaking therapists appreciate your culture and concerns.

They provide deep empathy for you and your situation.

How Long Does it Take to Get Better?

With counseling, there is no set completion date.

Many factors affect how long it’ll be before you see the benefits of therapy. For some people, it takes weeks, others months, and some years! It depends on:

  • What’s troubling you
  • How active you are in the therapy process
  • Your relationship with your therapist

For example, it can take time to explore significant childhood trauma in depth. If you don’t trust your therapist, this can hinder you from opening up. In this case, therapy would take longer.

Therapists can offer short-term or long-term therapy. The type of therapy you have will alter the time it takes to get better.

The effects of therapy can sometimes be slight and may go unnoticed. Try to be aware of yourself and your state of mind. Take note of your behaviors, paying attention to any behavior changes. These are crucial indicators of whether you’re making progress.

Reasons Latinos Should Get a Spanish Speaking Therapist

The Latino/Hispanic community makes up 1/4 of the US population. It is common for you to compromise your culture and language for your surroundings. Embracing your true identity within the therapy room can be liberating.

A cultural understanding can build a trusting therapeutic relationship. You can feel comfortable and welcome.

Other Common Questions

What Does Confidentiality Mean?

All qualified therapists have a strict responsibility to keep their clients’ information confidential – anything you share between you and your therapist.

Your therapist can only report information that presents significant harm to you or someone else. This is because they have a duty of care. Your therapist will discuss this with you at the time.

Do Therapists Prescribe Medication?

Therapists do not diagnose conditions or prescribe medication. They will listen to your problems and help you uncover the answer to solving these.

They may signpost you to other services if they feel this is necessary.

How Do You Choose the Right Therapist?

Not every therapist will be a good fit for you, whatever language they speak. The strength of the therapeutic relationship determines how successful therapy is. Thus, it’s essential to choose a therapist with who you get along and feel comfortable.

It takes around 2-3 sessions to get a feel for a therapist’s personality and style. If at this point, you realize the therapist isn’t for you, BetterHelp makes it easy to choose another one.

How to Get Started

Get Started

Maybe you experienced trauma at a young age. Perhaps everyday stresses have got on top of you. Regardless of why you’re seeking therapy, BetterHelp has a therapist to suit your needs.

If you haven’t done so already, go and explore BetterHelp. Click on “Get Started” and enter your details. Don’t worry; it only asks for information about you so it can match therapists to you. If there’s a therapist you particularly want, you can request them on their profile.

BetterHelp will recommend Spanish-speaking therapists if you list Spanish as your preferred language. All BetterHelp’s therapists have had training and lots of experience. They have a license, too.

Choose a type of therapy that’s most comfortable to you; call, video call, or messaging. BetterHelp uses special technology to keep your personal information safe from anyone else.

So get started; you won’t regret it!

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