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Families squabble. That’s normal. But are you misunderstanding each other on a fundamental level? You’ve tried to get along to no avail. Latinx/Hispanic counselors are scarce as it is, let alone Latinx/Hispanic family therapists.

This article explores how to find a Spanish-speaking family therapist using BetterHelp. Find out what a Spanish-speaking family therapist is and what the benefits of seeing one are.

Best Spanish-Speaking Family Therapists Near Me

The US Latinx/Hispanic community is less likely to seek support from mental health professionals than White Americans. This minority approach psychiatrists and psychologists rather than marriage or family therapists.

Latinx/Hispanics aren’t seeking support for many reasons. Stigma, cost, and a language barrier are a few.

There is an ongoing stigma within this community about seeking mental health support. The older generation experience more mental illness. This is because of traumatic events like immigration and acculturation. The older generation also believes seeking help brings shame and embarrassment to the family.

Latinx suffer from self-stigma. They feel shame and embarrassment in the mental health world. They also feel misunderstood. This results in them hiding psychological problems.

Therapy isn’t cheap. 19% of the US Latinx/Hispanic community are living in poverty. It’s not a wonder your community is seeking support less often.

The Latinx/Hispanic community wants to speak their language in therapy. And why not? Evidence demonstrates counseling is more effective when in your native language. It reduces misunderstandings and allows you to express your complete identity.

Spanish-Speaking Family Therapists at BetterHelp

BetterHelp provides a wealth of Spanish-speaking family therapists offering online therapy. They’re cheaper than face-to-face therapists and several clicks away. BetterHelp’s bilingual therapists are accessible to all.

It’s the best online mental health platform. It’s discrete because you can do it in your home. This combats the social stigma.

It matches therapists to your family’s personalities and needs. Yes, that includes cultural needs. This banishes cultural misunderstanding.

There’s no drawn-out searching for therapists. The therapists come to you. This defeats any transport difficulties.

Your family can focus on getting along. It’s a no-brainer!

List of Spanish-Speaking Family Therapists

Jennifer William is a bilingual therapist who provides marriage and family therapy. She specializes in depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and child therapy. Jennifer encourages her clients to become their own therapists eventually.

Amanda Hildebrant works for Foundations Family Counseling Associates. They offer various counseling services. She specializes in individual and family counseling. She provides therapy in Spanish for those facing divorce or general family difficulties.

Wyandotte Health Foundation also supports clients with Spanish-speaking therapists. They focus on trauma and mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. They work with low-income families.

Saul Salmeron is a bilingual therapist offering family and marriage counseling. He focuses on relationship issues and depression mainly. He is also a pastor, so he can support spiritual difficulties. Saul works with adults and adolescents. He provides adequate care for the LGBTQ+ Latinx/Hispanic community.

You can find many more Spanish-speaking family therapists on BetterHelp.

FAQ for Spanish-Speaking Family Therapists Near Me

What is a Spanish-Speaking Family Therapist?

Spanish-speaking family therapists specialize in supporting Latinx/Hispanic families. They provide a space for your family to express themselves without judgment.

Each family member can explore their differences and improve the family relationships. You’ll learn ways to communicate.

Cost of Therapy

The cost of Spanish-speaking family therapists differs. It typically ranges from $100 to $200 for a 50-minute session. Yes, it’s steep.

BetterHelp provides a cheaper option. It guarantees that you’ll pay no more than $100 for therapy sessions. That’s regardless of the mental health professional you choose. Choose between therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and more.

Benefits of Spanish-Speaking Family Therapists

Family therapy in your mother tongue has many advantages. For one, speaking your native language can access your earliest memories. Your brain stores memories in the language you spoke at the time of the event. This makes trauma-based interventions much easier.

Speaking different languages can feel like expressing different personalities. There may not be an English word that quite captures what you mean. Family therapy sessions in Spanish avoid this.

In day-to-day life, you have to sacrifice your language for the broader US population. Speaking your native language in therapy will be empowering. It’ll allow you to convey a part of your identity you usually push aside.

What to Expect from a Spanish-Speaking Family Therapist

You can expect your family therapist to speak fluent Spanish. Every interaction between your family and your therapist can be in Spanish.

You can expect them to have a deep understanding of your culture. They’ll have extensive knowledge of common difficulties for Latinx/Hispanic families.

How Long Does it Take to Get Better?

Most of the time, family therapy is a short-term mode of treatment. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is often used. The framework consists of one 50-minute therapy session every week for 12 weeks.

This isn’t set in stone. Your therapist may suggest more sessions. This could be if your family still has problems to work through.

The length of treatment always depends on the severity of the clients’ difficulties. The therapist-client relationship also influences. If you take part more, the treatment length may reduce.

Reasons Latinx Should Get a Spanish-Speaking Family Therapist

Therapy works better when it’s in your native language. Latinx/Hispanics with low acculturation levels benefit from speaking their mother tongue most.

There’s no need to compromise with a Spanish-speaking family therapist. You can speak your mother tongue, and they’ll understand you. There are no misunderstandings.

Your therapist will understand your family. They will recognize any cultural difficulties you face as a Latinx/Hispanic family. They will appreciate the trauma of immigration and acculturation.

Your Spanish-speaking family therapist will understand the influence of religion and spirituality.

Other Common Questions

Will Our Family Secrets Stay Secret?

What you talk about in therapy stays between you and your therapist. Your therapist must keep the information you share to themself. Your therapist can break the confidentiality rules if anyone is at severe risk of harm.

Will the Therapist Just Support the Adults?

Family therapists support every family member attending therapy. That includes young children. Some therapists may provide individual pediatric therapy too.

How to Get Started

Are you or a family member suffering from mental health issues? Are you dealing with the aftermath of infidelity, substance abuse, or addiction? Maybe it’s another issue. Whatever it is, BetterHelp can help.

Follow the link to BetterHelp provided at the top of this article. You’ll want to click on family therapy. BetterHelp can then match a therapist to your family’s specific needs.

Once the questions are complete, BetterHelp will contact family therapists. These therapists will then contact you. You can choose which one you like the most.

Decide between messaging, call, or video call. Whatever suits you best. BetterHelp encrypts its software. You can trust that your content is kept just for you.

Take a stab at it and see the benefits!


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