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Asking for help isn’t easy. The therapy itself can seem even harder. But it’s easier if it’s in your native language.

BetterHelp makes it possible to find Spanish-speaking psychologists in your area.

This article discusses the difficulties of seeking mental health support. It explores the commonly-asked questions around finding a therapist. It uncovers how you can get the mental health help you need.

Best Spanish Speaking Psychologist Near Me

When seeking mental health support, the Latino/Hispanic community faces many barriers.

There is a mental health stigma within this community. People feel embarrassed to ask for help. This results in people sweeping crippling mental health difficulties under the rug.

Finances also present a barrier. In 2019, 18.7% of the US population were Hispanic, and 28.1% were in poverty. This was lower in non-Hispanic Whites. The high price of private counseling can stop many individuals from seeking support.

Linked to financial difficulties is transport problems. It’s not easy getting transport, especially if you’re working or looking after young children. This can make getting face-to-face therapy unfeasible.

Those within the Latino/Hispanic community are also less likely to have insurance. This presents a problem to getting adequate health care. It’s not a wonder mental health issues often go untreated in this population.

33% of Latinos living in America receive mental illness treatment. 43% is the US average. A prime reason for this is the lack of Spanish-speaking mental health professionals.

Only 5.5% of psychologists are providing counseling services in Spanish. This is nationwide. Finding culturally competent therapy is difficult in your community.

Spanish-Speaking Psychologists at BetterHelp

BetterHelp provides bilingual therapists matched to your personality and concerns. They hold a database of bilingual mental health professionals. This makes seeking support easier regardless of your culture or nationality.

BetterHelp provides online therapy. When you’re feeling vulnerable, having to go out and seek it face-to-face can be too much to bear. It can be hard enough admitting you need help.

BetterHelp finds psychologists who message you directly. Choose between messaging, calling, or video calling for your counseling sessions.

List of Spanish-Speaking Psychologists

Dr. Candela Bonaccorso is a bilingual licensed psychologist. She focuses on people experiencing problems relating to their culture, immigration, and acculturation. Dr. Bonaccorsa helps her clients manage their friendships and relationships. She also offers support for those with low self-esteem.

Maria Bruno works for the University Counseling Service. She is a Mexican American psychologist living in Iowa who works with multicultural issues and trauma. She provides counseling for anyone who needs it, ranging from children to adults. Maria facilitates couple counseling, as well as family therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy.

Dr. Dora Arocho is a clinical psychologist with more than 10 years of experience in the field. She specializes in behavioral issues and anxiety and provides therapy for individuals, families, and groups. She also offers couples counseling.

Chad Brandt is a male psychologist who supports Latino, Hispanic, Black, and African American individuals with anxiety and OCD. Chad provides long-term therapy to adults, adolescents, and children on an individual basis.

Find psychologists similar to this at BetterHelp.

FAQ for Spanish-Speaking Psychologists Near Me

What is a Spanish-Speaking Psychologist?

Psychologists’ training focuses on the mind and behavior. They help people suffering from mental health difficulties. Psychologists work in hospitals, schools, and mental health services.

Spanish-speaking psychologists make mental health support more accessible to the Latino/Hispanic community. You don’t need to compromise your native language to receive adequate support.

Cost of Psychologists

From the list provided above, prices can be more than $250. This is too much to ask of the everyday person, such as yourself.

Alternatively, there’s BetterHelp. They guarantee you’ll pay a maximum of $100 per week.

Benefits of Spanish-Speaking Psychologists

It’s easy to have misunderstandings and miscommunications when speaking in a non-native language. Speaking in your mother tongue allows you to express what’s troubling you more easily. Speaking in your native language provides safety, security, and homeliness.

You may feel more comfortable talking to someone who belongs to the Latino/Hispanic community. Maybe you feel you can’t express yourself in English. After all, speaking Spanish is part of your identity. Seeing a Spanish-speaking psychologist allows you to be you.

What to Expect From a Spanish-Speaking Psychologist

You can expect a psychologist who is fluent in speaking Spanish. More often than not, Spanish-speaking psychologists are Latino or Hispanic themselves.

They will understand trauma relating to immigration and acculturation. You can feel confident and comfortable knowing your psychologist understands you.

Oppression is prevalent. Wishing to have a therapist from within your community is expected. You may struggle to trust a therapist who belongs to a community that previously oppressed you. Having a Spanish-speaking psychologist removes this issue.

How Long Does it Take to Get Better?

Mental health support often ends when the agreed-upon treatment length is complete. Or, it ends when the client has the tools they need to deal with their trauma and stresses.

The recovery time-frame is different for everyone. It also depends on the psychologist you have. Some psychologists will offer short-term support, while others will provide longer-term counseling.

Common factors that influence treatment length include:

  • Psychologist-client relationship: if you trust your psychologist and get along, this aids the recovery process.
  • Frequency of counseling appointments: someone receiving counseling once a week will most likely get better quicker than someone receiving it monthly or biweekly.
  • Active engagement in the therapy process: treatment length will reduce if you are actively trying to get better.

This is not an exhaustive list. Many other factors influence treatment lengths.

Reasons Latinos Should Get a Spanish Speaking Psychologist

A Spanish-speaking psychologist will have an intricate understanding of your culture. They will be familiar with common difficulties that your community faces.

If you’re speaking in your native language, it’s easier to form an alliance with your psychologist.

Receiving therapy from a psychologist belonging to your community will feel more familiar. You can talk about cultural difficulties without worrying about offending them.

Other Common Questions

Can Psychologists Share What I Say in Therapy?

Psychologists, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists are all bound by the strict rules of confidentiality. They can’t divulge any information from your counseling sessions. The one exception is if you are at risk of hurting yourself or someone else.

Your secrets are safe with them.

What’s the Difference Between a Psychologist, Psychotherapist, and Psychiatrist?

The main differences between the three are qualifications and prescription of medication. It’s typically only psychiatrists that can prescribe medications. But psychologists can in a few states.

Psychologists can assess you and give you a diagnosis. They work with social work services, providing counseling for families, individuals, and couples, whereas psychiatrists are medical doctors.

Psychotherapists tend to have a masters degree and do not prescribe medications. They work with individuals, couples, and families and do not diagnose medical conditions.

How to Get Started

Click the link for BetterHelp at the beginning of the article and press “Get Started.” You’ll answer several questions about yourself. This is so they can find the best psychologists for you.

Ensure you say that Spanish is your preferred language. Then, the site’s recommended psychologists will speak Spanish.

From here, you can choose whether you’d like to call, message or video call your psychologist. You don’t even have to give your therapist your real name if you don’t want to.

BetterHelp’s mental health professionals have received adequate training and licensing. They also have tonnes of experience.

Give it a go!

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