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Considering the discrimination that many transgender people face around the world, you would hardly be surprised to learn that transgender adults and youth are at increased risk for mental health issues.

Recent studies of transgender adults found that anywhere between 17.5 to 45 percent meet the criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And those numbers are likely even higher for transgender adults and youths living in places without the legal and social protections the rest of us take for granted.

Small wonder that research demonstrates that transgender adults and youths have a heightened awareness of potential danger, especially when dealing with people who might react negatively to their transgender status.

Even for adults who openly identify as transgender, there is often significant discrimination in terms of the quality of health care received, which may often lead them to avoid doctors altogether.

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What Kind of Issues Do Transgender Adults and Youths Encounter?

So, what kind of issues might transgender people face that might make them seek mental health counseling?

For that matter, is the term “transgender” even appropriate? Many members of the community may prefer other terms such as “gender fluid,” “non-binary,” “two-spirited,” or even “genderqueer.”

Whatever term you prefer, the issues that members of the transgender community face can vary widely, since each person’s life experience and the kind of community support they receive.

Those issues also vary widely depending on where someone might be in the process of coming out as transgender. Still, a recent study has identified some of the following issues that are commonly reported:

  • Rejection by friends or family
  • Traumatic exposure to anti-transgender verbal or physical violence
  • Internalized transphobia
  • PTSD symptoms
  • Coping with emotional problems such as depression and anxiety
  • Stress stemming from the coming out process

Why Do You Need A Transgender-Positive Therapist?

Sadly, not everyone trained as a counselor or psychotherapist is necessarily going to have the sensitivity or knowledge needed by transgender clients.

Though professional organizations such as the American Psychological Association are working to increase awareness of transgender issues, including providing professional guidelines that all members should follow, there is still a very strong heterosexist bias among many therapists.

This means that these therapists may lack the necessary knowledge or experience in dealing with transgender clients, and may even try imposing their own values and judgments in the course of treatment.

As a result, transgender clients may often fail to get the treatment they really need. Considering how important it is that therapists provide a “safe space” when seeing clients, especially transgender clients, wouldn’t it be better to find a therapist who can understand what you are facing?

How well Does Counseling Work for Transgender Clients?

In the past ten years, we have only seen research studies looking at how transgender-positive counseling helps clients in need, so there has been relatively little research so far.

Still, a recent study has shown that the right kind of counseling can be extremely valuable in helping transgender clients come to terms with stress and learn to become more resilient over time.

So, what happens if you are uncomfortable dealing with a counselor face-to-face or are having trouble finding a trained counselor in your immediate area?

Now you don’t have to travel to another city to see a counselor thanks to the rise of e-treatment options.

For many clients seeking help worldwide, e-counseling has become a game-changer with people in need now getting help in the comfort of their own homes. This brings us to Pride Counseling and how it can put you in touch with a counselor who cares.

What is Pride Counseling?

As a one-stop solution for your transgender counseling needs, Pride Counseling is a simple and affordable option that can change your life.

Designed as a platform allowing therapists and their clients to meet and communicate for all your counseling needs.

Along with state-of-the-art security to provide you with complete confidentiality, we also have therapists from across the country, including counselors who even live in your area.

Getting started with Pride Counseling is as easy as clicking the link at the top of this article. You will then be asked some confidential questions about your mental health, medical history, which pronouns you prefer, and how a therapist can best contact you. For there, we can find a suitable therapist who can contact you directly.

All of the therapists listed with Pride Counseling have years of training in the latest therapy techniques along with extensive experience to help you move towards a better future.

As for how you want this therapy to be conducted, that’s up to you. Whether you want to do live chat, messaging, phone sessions, or video calls, we have you covered.

And don’t worry if you’ve never been in counseling before or had bad experiences with therapists who were less accepting, our counselors will be completely open to your needs.

And your confidentiality is guaranteed!

How Much Does it Cost and How Long Will The Therapy Continue?

The cost of therapy through Pride Counseling varies but usually ranges from 65-87 USD per week ( billed every 4 weeks).

Therapy usually continues until you and your therapist mutually agree that no more sessions are needed. Still, you are free to cancel your membership at any time for any reason.

How long the counseling lasts often depends on you since everyone is different and there is no way to know how it will be.

There are short-term treatment methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy but it is really up to you and your therapist about what treatment is most suitable.

Other issues might also come up, including sexual problems and substance abuse, and this might make treatment even longer or require referral to another counselor with the training you need.

So try contacting Pride Counseling today. We can get you started on the road to better mental health and a brighter future.

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